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night and -- at 10:10 last night. employees say white's seen inside the convenience store trying to steal potato chips. it was after he left the store that the victim's bizarre carjacking episode began. >> the guy jumped into a car and there is a baby in the car also and he tried to take the baby and she jumped behind him also to try to get him out from her car. >> reporter: this man said his employees told him the 24-year- old mother had apparently left her baby in the car, a 1995 black lexus to come inside the store and that is when white jumped in. >> she went to stop him. >> to pull him out of the car? yes. he go back and hit the car. >> reporter: as the car backed up and hit a vehicle at the pump, oopses couldn't believe what was -- eyewitnesses couldn't believe what was happening. >> i just saw the vehicle backing up with doors flying open and hitting another vehicle.
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>> what did you think was going on? i didn't know what was going on but that it was crazy. >> reporter: the car sped away, crashed into a pole at the nearby crown gas station and took off towards 95 and side swiped the state troop or the construction detail near route 212. >> and as soon as the vehicle passed him in excess of $100 miles per hour, he activated his emergency signals and initiated a pursuit. >> reporter: state price also gave chase once the car hit the beltway. the car eventually slowed down. the dash cam of a trooper vehicle shows the woman rolling out of the car into the third lane of the beltway past cabin john lucky for that mother and baby, there was no traffic around. the mother took special care to protect her child as she rolled out of the car, shawn. >> just an incredible story. i can't imagine what she was going through. let meask you what do we know about the suspect, teron white?
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he's no stranger to the criminal justice system and has a rap sheet that dates back to 2007. there were multiple charges of drug possession, one charge of distribution of narcotics and this past spring, he was charged with speeding. >> thank you, karen. >> this man is behind bars accused of trying to kidnap a two-year-old from the best buy in german town yesterday. the child's father told police that germaine palmer grabbed his son and took off running. the father chased him down and started fighting with the man. the witnesses jumped him in and helped the father hold palmer until officers arrived. the child was not hurt. and following breaking news out of the district. shocking charges against a veteran mpd officer and targeted the victims while on duty. bob barnard has more. >> reporter: the officer is accused of sexually assaulting
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three different women over a four-year period from september of 2006 until july of last summer intimidating them with a threat of arrest. his name is larry seay, last name spelled s-e-a-y. 31 years old and with mpd. most recently a police officer assigned to the third district. he's accused of sexually assaulting these women while on duty in uniform and armed with the department-issued handgun. a grand jury has just charged the officer with four counts of second-degree sexual abuse while armed, four counts of possession of a firearm during a crime of violence and one count of attempted fourth- degrees sexual abuse. he's accused of meeting the women on the street and taking them on a secluded area and sexually assaulting them. one woman he assaulted allegedly twice, three years a part. late today, d.c. police chief
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cathy laker in issued a statement and reads in -- cathy lanier issued a statement: it's ash pauling to me that a officer on the mpd for 18 years would engage in this type of cutting. the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia said, quote, the defendant is accused of betraying the public trust by targeting victims for sexual assault. this indictment shows that no one is above the law. officer seay was in court today and had his arraignment, ordered back to court in september and -- september and we learned he had his police powers revoked last year. so, and that is about the time the last allegation is made. so, obviously authorities have known about this for a year and now a grand jury indicted the officer with sexual assault, laura. >> were his victims randomly selected or did the officer know the women? >> we're not sure whether he knew them. there was one woman who apparently was assaulted in
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september of 2006 and then again in 2010. the sources do tell us those might have been women working the streets and, therefore, the threat of arrest may have played into that reason, laura. >> thank you very much, bob barnard. a police chase in bowie, maryland, ended with a head-on crash involved with a suspect and police officer. no word if there was anything specific that led to this crash other than the high-speed chase. fire and rescue crews tell fox 5 that the officer does have serious and non-life- threatening injuries. the suspect is critically injured. and we're following developing news out of the district. federal prosecutors are scrambling after the judge declared a mistrial in rodger clemens' perjury trial. what caused the judge to make the ruling on day two of the trial? >> reporter: testimony had just gotten underway for the day when prosecutors played the
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jury a portion of roger clemens' testimony before congress and where he denied using steroids. the tape went on too long and the jury heard a portion of the testimony the judge had previously ruled was too prejudicial. the judge lashed ou prosecutors and stormed off the bench. steven durham and his team of federal prosecutors left the courthouse about an hour after the judge declared a mistrial. do you have any comment about what happened, mr. durham? >> under a gag order. >> you have nothing to say about what hap hep -- happened? nothing at all? >> reporter: one member of the team reminded reporters a gag order was still in effect and in court, durham and his team were scolded by a furious judge who said i think if a first- year law student would know you can't bolster the credibility with one witness with clearly inadmissible evidence. the inadmissible evidence had to do with laura pettitte, the
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wife of pitcher andy pettitte, roger clemens' teammate on the yanks and astros. pettitte claims clemens told him on two occasions he had taken and used human growth hormone. clemens said that pettitte must have misheard him but pettitte's wife laura told investigators that andy shared the conversation with her and that is what the jury should not have heard. anything laura pettitte had to say was offlimits. when the defense objected, judge walton said was yet not redacted pursuant to my ruling? the defense attorney said we didn't get the marked exhibits until the 11th hour and then the government moved them in quickly this morning. we were supposed to have them three days in advance noting that andy pettitte's testimony is crucial to the case and the judge said i don't know how i can unring this bell. roger clemens had no visible reaction to the judge's decision. as he left the courtroom, the seven-time cy young winner said
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nothing, took out his cell phone, went down the hallway and made a call. roger clemens was facing six counts of obstructing congress, making false statements and perjury. a retrial is far from certain. the judge told both sides he wanted motions on what to do next. he wants to hear from the defense by july 29th and the government by august 19th. he wondered aloud if double jeopardy would bar a retrial. a hearing is set for september 2nd. >> and ing a lot of people were stunned by everything that happened today. clearly a major blunder by the government. what was their defense to this? >> reporter: they initially tried to make a defense but the judge cut them off. he was so mad, he didn't ask for one and prosecutors didn't offer one. the only thing the government offered was to instruct the jury to disregard what they heard but the judge didn't buy it. >> in the end, what did the judge tell the jury? he apologized profusely, shawn, saying we have take know a week out of your lives. when a judge makes a ruling on
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evidence, it must be obeyed. in the united states, he said, we try to ensure everyone is treated fairly. some jurors were astonished and upset over what happened, shawn. >> thank you, paul wagner. joining us now to talk about today's stunning developments is defense attorney bernie grim with kozen and o'connor. bernie, this is clearly a major blunder by the government. how can something like this happen? >> it shouldn't, paul. i know both prosecutors good guys, very professional, and very experienced. i think it's something where the judge said you have to redact the tape and when you get to this point, cut it off and don't show the jury anymore and it fell between the cracks and the government sort of balked, spike, at this and -- so to speak, at this and the judge is about business. he's a wonderful judge and when he makes a rule, you better stick to it or there are consequences. >> i was in the courtroom and
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watching this and i didn't realize what was happening until they started saying aloud what was really egregious was the fact that during the bench conditions what, laura pettitte had to say remained up on the televisions. the jury was looking at this during the bench conference and that was probably what upset walton more than anything. >> and that is sort of whose mind in the hep house here and the sound was turned off but the post script was it and you could read her words and judge walton is right. this circumstantial evidence 101 that any law student would know. it's hearsay and the jury can't hear it and he's right. the bell's rung. you can't unring it at this point. >> and talk about double jeopardy, he wandered aloud as to whether or not the government could bring a trial again and i thought you could only have double jeopardy if
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someone was acquitted, how does this work? >> if there is a mistrial, a lawyer gets sec or juror gets sec, the case is essentially over and you can restart the case; however, if the case was aborted as a result of the gross negligence of the government, or the government intentionally sort of threw the case because they thought they were losing, double jeopardy does, in fact, attach and i imagine the lawyer will say they were ordered to keep it out, everyone was on the same page, the court told them, they knew, they're experienced and it's the united states that is against mr. clemens and nobody thought to redact the tape out of all of the people. the argument was that it was not negligent but grossly negligence and mr. clemens can't be retried. >> thank you very much for your analysis and back upstairs to laura. >> paul wagner, thank you. >> a quiet, tight-knit community ripped a part by an unbelievable crime. tonight, the man accused of killing an innocent eight-year-
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old boy faces a judge. we're stay on top of this developing story out of brooklyn, new york, next. and rupert murdoch answering questions about hacking at his former newspaper. i'm amy kellogg in london with new information coming up. 
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>> the british government is going straight to the top for
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answers, calling media mogul rupert murdoch to talk about the phone hacking scandal. the fbi is stepping in into this wide investigation. >> reporter: a news corps spokesperson said that rupert murdoch and his son james agreed to face questions before a government panel in the uk. the british authorities delving deeper into the phone-hacking scandal at murdoch's recently shattered world of the news tabloid. >> and to attend the meeting next week. >> reporter: rupert murdoch is chairman, the former company of this network. rebecca brookes, now chief executive at "news international," agreeing to face the media panel on tuesday. and local government officials calling for anyone involved to face the music. >> the senior executives of an organization, the center of the firestom, are very, very serious allegations and one illegality and a i moral
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behavior should make themselves available for questioning. >> reporter: reporters at "news of the world" accused of illegally hacking into voice mail and paying off police for information and alleged victims include former prime minister gordon brown and staff members of the royal family. the fbi will investigate whether victims of 9/11 fell prey. >> would be horrifying for the families who have gone through so much and secly, a violation of u.s. law. >> reporter: neal wallace, now the 9th person to be arrested in connection with the phone- hacking story. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> news corp is the parent company of fox 5. and a mix of anger and sadness. ind. >> deals with another terror strike on the soil. mourners gathered in. 57 are dead and dozens wounded,
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the deadliest strick since 2008 in mumbai, when 10 pakistani attackers killed 163 people over three days. many people are upset mumbai is targeted again. the security is better than a few years ago and admits the country may never be terror- free. a new york city man is accused of kidnapping and dismembering an 8-year-old boy. a lawyer for levi airplane told the judge his client hears voices. here's the latest in this disturbing case. >> reporter: when earn left the police station under heavy guard today, people who came over banked on the -- and to put him to court last night outside of the boy's home, thousands attended an emotional funeral for the eight-year-old. he was smothered and cut up. on monday, on the first walk home alone, bot lost and ended up asking airplane for direction, a fatal random act.
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levi appears to have fought back against aaron. >> it's reasonable to say at that time, based on the marks on the defend here, there was some struggle. >> where are the scratches? >> on the arm. >> he's being charged with felony murder, which is murder in connection with the felony of kidnapping which is, under state law, the murder in the first degree. >> reporter: when earn entered court for arraignment this afternoon on first-degree murder and kidnapping charges, the prisoners in the back stomped their feet and chanted stab him, stab him. aaron did not look up when judge william miller ordered him held without bail. there was no plea entered. he said the lawyers hired by his family sought and got a psychiatric exam for airplane. he's indicated to mehe hears voices and there are hallucinations involved as well. >> reporter: he will be held in protective custody and suicide watch, not how he acted with
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detectives. >> to the best of my am, he hasn't expressed remorse. i have done something wrong, i am sorry, i did something wrong. >> and that quote is i may have done something wrong and there is no real remorse for what he did. >> correct. >> reporter: it's believed the little boy was tide up and left in the apartment police don't have a clear motive and sexual molestation is not ruled out. police are combing the apartment to see if he's killed before. the next stop after leaving the brooklyn criminal court was bellville high school for a psychiatric examination to determine if he's mentally competent to stand trial. stay with -- a fox 5 news alert now. police in prince georges county made a second arrest on a chemical attack on a mother and young child. they arrested tamar jack harperson and anderson in
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january. they're accused of throwing cind her three- year-old daughter last march. the victims were burned and did recover. the police have not released a motive. it's been almost 10 years since 9/11. >> tonight, lawmakers and victim's families are doing their part to keep memories allow. how they're honoring the fallen next. 
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>> former first lady betty ford is being buried today. the second memorial took place in the same church where she and her husband gerald ford were married more than 60 years ago. she died last friday at the age of 93. her body is being interred next to her husband at the gerald ford presidential library. he would have been 98 today. and in less than two months, the country will mark the 10th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. earlier, residents met with members of congress to talk about positive ways to honor
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loved ones. >> reporter: when america was attacked by airline hijacking teams organized by al qaeda on september 11th, 2001, people died at the pentagon, in shanksville, pennsylvania, and the twin towers at the world trade center in new york. across the street in manhattan, a huge american flag hagging from construction scaffolding was tattered and burned and that flag is now travelling the country. involve tires are stitching repairs and often using parts of other american flags. the air in lower manhattan was so thick with dust the originally white stripes on the american flag were permanently dyed gray. you can see the difference clearly. and this is the gray white stripes and those are replace met stripes stitched in later by volunteers. family members and members of congress continued repaired as it spent most of the day in the
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hearing room. miriam carter lost her sister. maria ramirez was 25 when the planes became came into the building. since the loss of her sister, she treasures life more. >> and don't pay attention to the little things and that is not a big deal. you try to be better and live out your faith. >> reporter: with the 10th anniversary of the murderous 9/11 attacks approaching, two groups are trying to convince americans to spend all or part of september 11th volunteering for charities or service organizations. >> let's make the lives of others better on this day each year. it's that simple and powerful. >> reporter: ray mand patagonod arlene would have strong i ep-- strongly endorsed a day of service as remember brans. >> she would love it. very, very remember. yes. and -- the attitude was to help people. >> reporter: organizers hope millions of americans remember
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the anniversary of 9/11 with a day of service. in washington, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> and what a wonderful way to remember them. >> yes. we'll be right back. 
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>> a phenomenon of facebook continues to grow. more than 600 million people around the world use the social networking site, many like my husband, can't live without it and that is so addicting, they can't quit. >> reporter: in the world of facebook. >> it's instant 18eous and you can see what peel are doing. >> reporter: cathy is a bit of a rock star. >> i like having the ability to show people what i'm doing, and
5:30 pm
my pictures. >> reporter: at 49, she's got 779 friends. >> look what is going on? >> reporter: the rising sophomore discovered she likes being liked. >> yeah, i always get excited. i am all like oh, who called me? especially when people like the status and i'm like i don't know if i should post this and then a bunk of people like and i'm like yes. >> reporter: the 29-year-old latoya jones lives a pretty busy life zoom i have a 6-year- old, a four-year-old, a husband, i'm in school full time. >> reporter: and she's never too busy to check in. i'm always on facebook, my cell phone, my ipod and on my computer, for goodness sake. it's all -- >> first thing in the morning, still in bed? i have to say good morning to be. >> reporter: and all day. >> when i'm at home, when i'm at school and when i am at a red light. >> reporter: even at the movies. >> reporter: the movies are so bad and i thought everyone should know that do not go to
5:31 pm
this movie. >> and when she's supposed to be sleeping? college i wake up in the middle of the night, i'm supposed to see who is up. >> there is all someone posting something to read or look at. >> reporter: for mark. >> something to work and clock in, open the facebook page and see what is going on and get to work. >> reporter: facebook is not just good company. >> and i like having it there for me. it's all there. >> and this is good business. >> i get people messages me saying do you have this particular, you know, cycling shoe and do you have these bikes, what brands do you carry? and try to answer quickly. >> reporter: facebook is at 600 million members and counting. >> i can see how people get hooked on it. >> reporter: and this assistant processor of psychiatry said he didn't get facebook until he tried it. >> when i got on there, it's a cross of being an instant small celebrity and you're back in your hometown again. >> reporter: one reason it's
5:32 pm
powerful? instant groks. >> you know, if you post something, it pops up immediately. >> doesn't matter if thirat work, i have -- they're at work and people respond to me when they're in the doctor's office. >> facebook is like running a advertising a gypsy for yourself. and another reason, everyone wants to be known and would like to feel what they're doing worthy of being on television. and some brushing your teeth is everyone's business. >> you put it there and it's like you're a celebrity. >> reporter: latoya admits she sometimes overs do does it. >> my husband will be carrying a conversation and i if i hear the chi, i will go to the phone. he's like hello, are you listening to me? what did you say? >> it's attempted to compare yet to a drug. some people are dependent on it and some can't live without it. >> reporter: went a week without it, without any social
5:33 pm
media and i missed it a little bit. >> reporter: latoya tried quitting, too, cold turkey. >> i have gone as far as deleting it off of my phone and ipod, deactivating my account. >> reporter: she lasted five days. >> and was going nuts. no one was calling me. it was a tool of communication, i was not getting text messages. what is going? >> reporter: needing a facebook fix is not necessarily a bad thing. and slopping you can find a challenge. >> how do you use it and benefit from it and enjoy it? how do you not let it take over your life? >> i have friends in real life and we talk. have actual conversations, you know. and. >> reporter: she said it might be time to put herself on a facebook diet. >> i don't want to completely stay off but i think i need to tone it down just a bit. >> what would cathy do if her beloved facebook wentway?
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i would be sad but in the end, i would be happy because i would spend more time with my family and do more thigs in the real world. it -- things in the real world. it's hard to see i wasted so much time and at the same time, i love it. and it's hard. >> if you can't quit, there is an app called self-control to block your access to facebook, twitter or e-mail to a set period of time. >> i can understand that. some people need to give it a break. the united states women's soccer team has again captured the nag's attention with a dramatic run to the world cup finals and a local player has been a major contributor to the team's success. lindsay murphy has more. >> reporter: she will tell you she's lucky to be a live n. 2006, she went to the hospital after experiencing some trouble breathing and irregular heartbeat. she had blood clots in the lugs and had a dozen small heart attacks and has recovered since
5:35 pm
and is making headlines and in the quarter finals against brazil. >> to be honest, was not thinking too much and walking up to take yet and everything kind of was a blur. and, you know, looking back on it and everyone, my teammates lashed out and i felt like i had to do the same and i went places and did what we practiced in training and that worked out well and we celebrated the win. and that is an amazing experience. >> and you get the first test on the ball and that did not happen every time and it was tough. you have to deal with it and i think we dealt with it pretty well and came out with a win. >> and we proved we never give up and we love the support from everyone at home and i am so
5:36 pm
excited that everyone is interested in it and to focus on the final and hopefully everyone will enjoy it and know that everyone is behind us and that is some motivation to be successful. >> and i have this and to all of the people at home and support to help us play better. know that we're all waving from the pits and, you know, we're hoping to bring home the gold and we know year making you proud. enjoy the parties and please, please watch the game. and thank you. >> thank you, sunday's final against japan will have special meaning for her and will take place in frankfurt where she plays professionally and is blunt in german. >> and is talentd. >> and that is an incredible story. >> and facebook was lit up with
5:37 pm
go usa. >> twitter the same thing. >> yes, indeed. >> and thanks. coming up, calpen is calling quit it -- it quits, the house star who turned to the white house to work there and where is he headed next? sarah frazier has the scoop at 5:50. ] nature is unique...
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>> it's been 30 years since the first space shuttle blasted off. chris bray and his father were there. 30 years later, they returned to watch the final space shuttle flight. the younger bray posted side-by- side pictures from both launches and went viral. take a look. the picture on the left is 13- year-old chris and his then 39- year-old father looking for binoculars. and look at the picture on the right. shows the exact same thing, but 30 years later. the caption? the picture we waited 30 years
5:41 pm
to complete. by the way, atlantic is on the final mission to the international space station. and jet blue airlines is offering the services to help drivers in the l.a. area deal with what is being called carmageddon. construction will close the 405 freeway, the main thoroughfare in southern california and will create havoc. jet blue will fly folks around the gridlock and are offering flights between long beach airport and bob hope airport in burbank and you can't beat the price. $4 one way. a good deal. >> $4? >> yeah. >> you can imagine what that is like? sorry if you're going to be in california that day. they're sold out. [ laughter ] >> our producer just told us that. and that is a nightmare. >> stay home. >> yes. and what a difference the day makes. >> and that is nice out there. the full forecast is still ahead. and word is glee is pulling
5:42 pm
the plug on some of your favorite characters. i will be taking a closer look at this one live with sarah frazier next. 
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>> in case haven't heard, it's harry potter's final act. as you kirk margin, fans are lining up -- as you can imagine, fans are lining up and audrey, how big is that line right now? >> reporter: you know, it's more than a block long and behind me is the first group in line and they got here at 2:00 yesterday afternoon for tonight's midnight show and they're all friends and harry potter fans since in the first grade and now, they're 19 and graduated from high school and are going to college and this
5:46 pm
is that last blast of summer and they're trying to entertain themselves and perhaps none of the fans paid a bigger price to be here than 20-year-old rachel who got here at 11:30 today, right in. >> yes. >> and what happened? this is the sunburn you got and in front. is it going to be work it? >> definitely. we have been coming here for every movie and it's going to be worth it. >> and this is an emotional night. >> what about this crowd? everyone's in costume and so excited. >> yeah. >> has it been that way for all the shows? >> everyone's great and i have been drawing marks for people
5:47 pm
and it's an awesome experience. >> who do you think is going to replace harry potter? >> i have no idea. i feel like for me and my friends, it's going to be time for us to grow up and we're 20 years old and waiting in line for hours and hours. >> and i hope that sunburn is worth it. a quick word, the midnight showing is sold aught. owlity -- all 820 tickets are gone and they have a 330 i'm a.m. show, river you want me to get you a ticket. -- a 330 i'm a.m. show, if you want me to get you a ticket. >> i don't think she'll be there, i won't be there and he won't be there. our producer raquel might be there. >> she's going saturday. >> and i'm surprised she's not in line. >> they sold 150 tickets. >> wow. >> 150 tickets for 330 i'm a.m. and there is -- 330 i'm a.m.
5:48 pm
>> and that is a lot. take a break perfect weather. >> dedication. >> and this is the third, fourth harry potter for me? >> uh-huh. >> and it seems like the weather is cooperates. >> all true. >> and that is true. >> reporter: don't know why and do not know about harry potter. >> your kids? >> never seen it or read the book. >> may be your kids are too young. >> i don't know. >> to have caught on to it. >> and that is never something we watched or read in our house. >> check it out. >> beautiful weather and i can't talk about the weather but you can -- it's a challenge to figure out what to talk about and some beautiful skies this evening and i am happy to share this with you it looks
5:49 pm
like the nice july weather is going through the weekend and will be warmer, may be more humid. just a touch more humid and after through the weekend on monday and tuesday, the humidity is going to come on up and there say chance of rain during the tuesday timeframe. tomorrow, saturday, and sunday, that is looking real, real good. 84 degrees and that is the high for the day and we may have jumped to 85. 81 for gaithersburg; 88, the big winner here with the high temperature of 88 degrees and 81 for fredericksburg and there is some clouds coming across and out of canada and that does not mean it's going to be completely clear and nice to the north and west. pittsburgh, 82 degrees and for detroit and columbus. there is some sunshine here and
5:50 pm
this is where that ridge of high pressure is coming out of canada and that is why we're getting the nice relief from the heat and humidity. it's breezy, winds gusting and still going to be on the breezy side and look at how gorgeous the evening, 81 at 7 and from what it is, comfortable at 9:00 and this is in the city. in the suburbs, i think we're going to be in the lower 70s and some upper 60s by 9:00 and 11:00 in the city, 73 and in the 60s. we have a few high clouds coming on across and not completely clear around the area of high pressure and that front pushed into the carolinas and that is's strong push for july. comfortable lows, no problems and some 50s in the suburbs and
5:51 pm
to into the next few nights air conditioner free, you can do that and start off at 70 tomorrow morning with sunshine, 82 by lunch and we're back into the mid-80s and that is at 5:00. for the weekend, it's going to stay real, real nice. warmer. 88 or so by sunday and may be a 90 degrees roading or two and into monday and tuesday, the heat comes back and into the 90s and there is the forecast. >> thank you very much. and i'm here with sarah frazier and talking about the latest buzz and many people talking about the emmy nominations. >> yeah. >> and thank you for be with us. >> we love it. and that is not necessarily the susan lucci but john ham is nominated four times. >> this is his fourth and not looking good. so is steve carrell and his last chance for the office, and this could be another susan
5:52 pm
lucci. >> the doctor from mad men? >> yes, and mad men topped the list and mildred pierce, big nominations this year. >> okay. and lots of surprises. and the kennedys have gotten several nods and are up to 10 as well and that is a huge surprise. >> one of the nominations was for best pipey series. >> yes and that is -- jay leno getting no nominations and another surprise, bravo. five nominations. kathy griffin and some reality shows there. >> and gwyneth paltrow and justin timberlake for their guest appearances on some different shows. >> love them.
5:53 pm
yes. people are rewarding and justin timberlake is a fun stain ole snl and glee, this season, gwyneth is a staple. >> uh-huh. >> and she was great on the show and some scoop involving glee. >> please. and he was the actor who left house to work at the white house and now leaving the white house. >> must be nice to if your job and come back whenever you look. i'm leaving again,es ' be back. >> and left after 11 months and did a harold and kumar movie and is leaving for the second time and is going for a role on "how i met your mother." >> okay, the $41,000 a year salary, hmm, i can make more doing tv. >> he dabbled with the public and went back to the big mop jovial okay, had -- big money. >> okay, had enough and this month and done judgment all right, what about get -- . >> all right, what about "glee" some characters being cut in.
5:54 pm
>> and chris saying he found out he's going to be cut over twitter which, is not good and leah michele is out and chris culper is out. oh, my goodness. >> and cory who have made the show. >> are they confirmed in. >> absolutely. it's not confirmed, confirmed. is it hype to the september 20th premier and that is when murphy said we will find out if they stay or g. >> okay. >> the cast would graduate and would be seniors this year. >> oh, boy. >> and you are chatting about this in. >> we're chatting at we have your input and twitter thoughts -- thoughts. we'll do that right now. >> very good. >> and back to you. >> coming up at 6, lawmakers get personal as we approach the deadline to reach the nation's debt ceiling. why a congressman from virginia is taking heat as the stalemate continues on the hill. and a park springs into action after a woman falls on
5:55 pm
the track to the metro station. find out what the victim was doing moments before it happened. and did you hear this? d.c. gets its own dripping. we'll tell you what it takes to make the city's official cocktail on the news edge. 
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
>> it was the final run issue the annual running of the bulls in pamplona, spain. this is the eighth straight day the fearless runners trying to avoid him during a weeklong festival. they escaped upcaughted -- upscathed, thankfully, only a few were gored. harrowing moments for them. thanks for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 with shawn yancy starts right now.
5:59 pm
the gloves are off as a deadline to raise the nation's debt ceiling nears and a congressman is taking heat as the political gridlock continues. >> and is virginia congressman eric capitor holding up the deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling? democrats say that he is the reason and here's the latest on the talk. shawn? >> reporter: throughout the process, lawmakers were saying they were disagreeing without being disagreeable. and it was time to open up the doors and what is going on in the closed white house meetings. it was virginia's gop republican majority leader who drew most of the fire. >> democrats turned to the blame game. >> he's not been constructive in working out the problems w

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